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What is Focus Assist and How to Enable it on Windows 10

In this age, one of the most scarce things is human attention. With an increasing number of apps resorting to notifications to announce new features, even a tiny pop-up can be quite distracting. Though most of us usually think of smartphones as the main culprit, let’s not forget the humble …

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The Best Windows Calculator Alternatives, Tips and Extensions

Not a fan of the built in Windows 10 calculator? If the flat UI design of Windows 10 apps isn’t your preference, or you’re after a little extra functionality, there’s replacement calculator app to fit your needs. From direct replacements to graphing, here are our five calculator apps, tips and extensions …

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How to Fix High Ping on Windows 10

If you’re an online gamer, you know how irritating a high ping can be. If you’re having trouble connecting properly to game servers, here are some steps you can take to remedy it. Watch Your Network With Task Manager Windows 10 will let you see what applications are using the most …

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How to Fix the Black Folder Background Issue in Windows 10

Do you have black squares show up all of a sudden behind certain folders in Windows 10? They look downright hideous, right? Fortunately, it’s just a visual bug, and nothing’s gonna happen to any files or subfolders within those affected folders. So, if you are going crazy with worry, calm …

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