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Why It’s More Convenient to Use OneDrive on iPhone and iPad (iOS 11)

A superb iCloud alternative, OneDrive allows for easy file uploading and seamless cross-platform synchronization. And with the introduction of iOS 11, OneDrive looked set to take massive advantage of the various additions to Apple’s newest mobile OS. That wasn’t the case, unfortunately. Shoddy files integration with an outdated document-picker was …

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How to Hide Quick Access on Google Drive

Google Drive’s Quick Access is a superb feature that displays links to potentially useful files. However, it takes up a massive amount of screen real estate. Not a joke when you’ve got nearly a third of your screen covered. Yeah, you tried switching to the grid view. But that doesn’t change …

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Top 10 Ways to Use the Files App on iOS Like a Pro

The Files app in the iOS 11 update was a welcome addition to a mobile operating system devoid of basic file management for a very long time. While the app has some long distance to cover when compared to full-fledged desktop applications, it’s still a blast to use on your iPhone …

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Is Qi Wireless Charging Worth It: Pros and Cons

Whether you call it “key” or “chee”, it doesn’t really matter. What matters is that the Qi standard has reshaped the wireless charging landscape for good. So much that even Apple, which was not so pro-wireless charging, has included it in the new breed of iPhones. The question still remains — why …

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How to Download Any File Type on iPhone

If you’re one who has switched over from Android to the iOS, you must have been annoyed by its download feature by now, rather the lack of it.  Apart from some PDF files, that you’ll be able to download directly (if you’re lucky), either you’d have to bookmark the page or …

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