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How to See IMDB Ratings in Netflix on Chrome and Android

Netflix has become the gold standard of everything Hollywood. Movies, shows, and critically acclaimed originals, Netflix is leaving no stone unturned to make sure it retains its numero uno status against the rising tide of competition. While I, like everyone else, love binge-watching content on Netflix, there is one thing …

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Top 5 Quote Making Apps for Instagram on Android and iOS

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. However, sometimes it needs a little more than a picture to convey the whole meaning. Usually a witty caption completes the image, while at other times, a picture needs something more than just a catchy caption. That’s when images with quotes or …

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Top 11 Naruto Wallpapers for Desktop for Every Manga Fan

Naruto is unarguably one of the most popular characters of the anime world. With his crazy antics, fierce determination and matchless skills, he has ruled the hearts of both young and old alike. With the next generation of the Naruto characters becoming popular, we felt that a quick throwback to …

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Firefox vs Firefox Focus: Should You Switch?

Firefox Focus is a strange name for a browser, and the fact that it’s developed by none other Mozilla is even weirder. After all, you have Firefox Quantum on almost every platform imaginable, right? So what really is Firefox Focus? In short, it lets you stay anonymous and does a terrific …

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Ok Google Not Working? Try These 6 Solutions

A bunch of new updates were rolled out in the recent Google I/O event, one of which was truly unbelievable. Google Assistant will soon be able to order food for you without you having to make the call, or even talk with the reception guy. While all of this is …

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