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How to Stop Chrome From Opening Old Tabs at Startup

When you open Chrome, you expect a new tab or a homepage to greet you. But, it’s not fun when a bunch of random tabs from a previous session open up instead. And, things are definitely not OK when the exact same thing keeps on happening each time you open Chrome. Old tabs automatically …

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9 Incredible Tomb Raider HD Wallpapers for Desktop

Lara Croft is back to set the silver screen on fire again, and this time she’s a teenager from East London. The 2018 Tomb Raider movie portrays Oscar-winnerAlicia Vikander as Lara Croft, the adventure-loving teen.  Only this time, instead of the rich heiress, the movie goes back seven years to a point when Lara …

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Customize Your Facebook Profile Privacy the Best Way

We are living in a time when Facebook profiles have become parts of our identity and personality. It is a visible resume of our lives and personality. Having said that we all realize that not everything from our lives needs to be public knowledge. And over the years Facebook has …

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How to Create an Organized Group on Facebook

Facebook has recently changed its policies to curb the plague called ‘fake news’. The unfortunate collateral of this witch-hunt has turned out to be the media organizations and Facebook Pages in general. According to Facebook, content from Pages that do have meaningful interaction will show up under the new timeline …

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How to Make and Order Google Photo Book Online

Photographs are the living fossil of our past. They preserve precious memories that add so much more value to our lives. But somehow, the images lose their sentimental value by a little when they are on a digital platform. We still long for a hardbound photo book or album that will …

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