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Quick Look Will Quickly Edit Files in macOS Mojave

The Quick Look tool on Macs is getting more powerful with macOS Mojave. You can now sign PDFs, trim videos, and perform other edits right from the preview pane that appears when you press Space. To use this feature, you’ll just have to press the Space bar button with a …

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How to Organize Your Desktop With Stacks on macOS Mojave

Many Mac users store files on their desktops. Apple even lets you sync your Desktop folder via iCloud. The upcoming macOS Mojave release helps cut through the clutter with “Desktop Stacks,” a feature that automatically organizes the files on your desktop. How to Enable Desktop Stacks on macOS Mojave Desktop …

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Everything New in macOS 10.14 Mojave, Available Fall 2018

Apple’s macOS Mojave will debut in Fall, 2018. It’s currently in developer-only beta, with a public beta coming soon. Here’s everything we know so far, from major features Apple announced at WWDC to smaller features we found in the beta. This update will support most Macs from 2012 and onward. …

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The Best Ergonomic Keyboards For Improved Typing And Comfort

Smartphone cameras have gotten incredibly good over the last few years and the iPhone’s camera is among the best—if it’s not the actual best. Let’s look at some tools to make it even better. Article Source : https://www.reviewgeek.com/4007/the-best-ergonomic-keyboards-for-improved-typing-and-comfort/

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10 Gifts You Can Still Get Your Dad For Father’s Day

A French press is a great way to enjoy really delicious coffee without a lot of effort. We’ve rounded up some fantastic models to help you get rich flavor in every cup, morning after morning. Article Source : https://www.reviewgeek.com/4543/10-gifts-you-can-still-get-your-dad-for-fathers-day/

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Sony Doesn’t Seem to Care About Your Cross-Play Dreams

Whether you’re charging your Android phone, Bluetooth speaker, or other device, you likely put a lot of miles on your micro USB cables. Here’s a slew of cables designed to withstand all your abuse. Article Source : https://www.reviewgeek.com/4629/sony-doesnt-seem-to-care-about-your-cross-play-dreams/

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Safari Battles Browser Fingerprinting and Tracking on macOS Mojave

Safari will soon better protect your privacy online. New changes prevent websites from uniquely identifying your browser, and restrict tracking scripts from sites like Facebook from running without your explicit consent. You won’t even notice the fingerprinting protection, but it it’s there to make tracking you more difficult. Websites will …

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You Can Buy the Echo Look Without an Invite Now For $200

While it’s pretty difficult to stop cats from climbing onto your furniture, what you can do is to provide them a place to sleep, stretch, scratch, and lounge. We’ve rounded up some top tier cat beds so you can easily find a perfect match for your fussy friend. Article Source …

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