What to Do If Your iPhone Is Getting a Bad Signal

There are dozens of factors that can affect your cell service—from your distance to a tower to the weather—but what can you do if, for some reason, your iPhone suddenly isn’t getting a good signal? Let’s find out. Turn It Off and On Again “Have you tried turning it off …

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What The Snapchat Friend Emoji Actually Mean

Snapchat has “Friend Emoji” that appear next to friends you stay in touch with the most. Here is your complete guide to all the friend emoji in Snapchat, and what they mean. What The Default Friend Emoji Mean Snapchat considers a “Best Friend” to be someone to whom you send …

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How to Sync Your iMessages Across All Your Apple Devices

Messages in iCloud lets you sync your iMessages across all of your Apple devices using your iCloud account. Here’s how to set it up. Apple announced this feature during WWDC 2017 last year and just recently pushed it out to the public. Technically, you’ve always been able to sync iMessage …

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How to Shoot RAW Photos on Your iPhone

RAW is an image format that contains a lot more data than JPG. It’s designed so that you can capture as much data as possible with your camera, giving you more editing flexibility later. Here’s how to capture RAW photos on your iPhone or iPad. The Difference Between RAW and …

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iPhones Are Getting Grouped Notifications in iOS 12

Apple is upgrading your iPhone’s notifications with iOS 12. Conversation threads and notification topics will now be grouped together, cleaning up your notification center. For example, when you’re chatting with someone in Messages or any other chat app, you won’t see a long list of individual messages from that person in …

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Which iPad Model Do I Own?

Apple offers the iPad, iPad Air, iPad Mini, and three different sizes of iPad Pro—and there are different generations of each out there. Here’s how to tell which iPad you have your hands on. This information is important if you want to know whether your iPad will get new versions …

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iOS 12 Could Stop USB Devices From Cracking Your iPhone Passcode

A new default setting could stop law enforcement—and criminals—from unlocking your iPhone or iPad using specialized hardware. The developer beta for iOS 12 includes a option under Preferences > Touch ID & Passcode called USB Accessories. Turned on by default, this setting prevents USB devices from connecting to your phone …

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