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13 Incredible Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ Camera Tricks

Boasting of an advanced variable-aperture lens, a cool slow-motion feature and an integrated AR emoji mode, it’s no secret that the camera has received the most attention on the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+. But, no matter how great a camera is, one can’t simply capture great pictures just by tapping on the shutter button. 


After all, you can’t leave everything to the camera to do the job of churning out perfect pictures. 

Yes, that the case sometimes, but wouldn’t it be wonderful to learn a bit about the Galaxy S9’s camera functions and, more importantly, how to perfect those already-perfect pictures? That’s where we come in. 

We have gone through the new camera interface of the Samsung Galaxy S9 with a fine toothcomb and here are a few tricks to amp up your camera experience. Take a look!

1. Freeze Moments With Super Slow Motion

With its stunning ability to record footage at 960 frames-per-second, the Super Slow-mo feature of the Samsung Galaxy S9 can record amazing videos in (you guessed it right) slow motion.


But, what makes these little snippets even cooler is that the device automatically produces three different versions from the same one — Loop, Inverse, and Swing, with no extra efforts from your side. Music effects are added automatically, however, you can choose to change them. To do that, open the clip through the Gallery app, tap on edit and hit the Music icon.

To access and save the other videos, tap on the three-dot menu on the upper right corner and tap on Details. Now all you need to do is rename (optional) and save. Interestingly, you can also choose to save these videos as lock screen wallpapers.

Speaking of lock screen wallpapers here’s how to set cool GIFs as lock screen wallpapers

2. Have Fun With the AR Emoji Stickers

Yes, now you no longer have to depend on third-party apps for the AR Stickers. The Samsung Galaxy S9 comes with an integrated AR Emoji option, which creates an animated avatar of you or your friends. The fun part is that the device creates a set of 18 different stickers that you can share across most of the messaging platforms.


Once, you’ve captured a close-up of your face, you can also customize your AR-version as you deem fit. You can pick glasses, hairstyles, and even clothing. Now all you have to do is save and that’s it, the AR stickers will be integrated into your messaging apps.


Different apps treat these stickers differently. For one, WhatsApp treats them as GIFs while you may need to activate the MMS feature on your default messaging app. What’s more, you can also record cool videos of your virtual avatars.

3. Explore the Portrait Mode aka Live Focus

Galaxy S9+ users have an advantage over the single-lensed variant. The portrait mode lets you take magnificent portraits of people or of an object with an incredible depth-of-field effect, thanks to the dual lens setup. 


The Samsung Galaxy S9 can capture pictures with an incredible depth-of-field effect

However, you would have to take into effect what goes into making a picture even greater. That’s when terms like background color, lighting conditions, and amount of blur comes into play.

A light background doesn’t make the ‘subject ‘pop-out’

Adjusting the background blur is super easy. All you have to do is slide the slider until the picture looks well balanced. On the other hand, a light background doesn’t make the subject ‘pop-out’. Hence, look for bright and vivid backgrounds so that the object is in sharp focus.


The Samsung Galaxy S9+ doesn’t handle fuzzy hair well

Additional, make sure that you have ample light. Lastly, avoid objects with fuzzy borders. No matter how advanced this camera is, the camera still gets confused by fuzzy hair or hair that is blowing in the wind.

Galaxy S9 users can make use of the selective focus option. This camera setting takes a number of pictures with the focus varying across the object. This results in a picture where you can select the focus manually — near, far or pan focus, and save it accordingly. 

4. Click Instagram-worthy Pictures With the Food Mode

If we were to go through the stats, Instagram has more than 300 million food photos. Yes, food photography is one of the most liked and loved sections on social media. So, if you are a sucker for food photos, your new Galaxy S9 will be your most faithful assistant, thanks to the built-in food mode.

A simple omelette with enhanced color and contrast
This mode optimizes food pictures (rather, any picture) with enhanced color and contrast so that your simple plate ends up looking super delicious. What’s more, the Radial Blur option makes sure that the plate (and the plate alone) is in focus.

All you have to do is tap on an area to focus, hit the shutter button, and Bam! Your ordinary looking plate of pasta has been transformed into a lip-smacking delicious platter.

Note: You can also increase and decrease the area of focus as necessary. 

5. Zoom With Ease

The Galaxy S9 gives you a nifty option to zoom in and out of your frames easily. All you have to do is place your finger over the shutter button and drag it up and down to zoom in and out of the frame. 

Yes, we drew that moustache

The good thing is that you can see the zoom level by the side. Plus, it gives you the freedom to use only one hand during the operation.

6. Portrait Mode in Selfies? Yeah, That’s Possible Too!

Why limit the portrait mode to the rear camera alone. The front shooter can also capture beautiful pictures in the portrait mode. The setting that will help us, in this case, is the Selfie Focus. 


The phone uses AI to determine the object and the distance from the background. This results in a beautiful picture with a soft background.


No fancy setting in this one. All you have to do is swipe to the right option and click away. However, do remember to keep the background as vivid as possible.

7. Use the 2X Zoom for Macro Shots

Thanks to the telephoto lens, your phone comes with a 2x optical zoom. If the object is at a distance, you can use the 2x zoom to capture a picture with the finer details.

The bokeh effect is naturally available in the macro shots
Also, the bokeh effect is naturally available in the macro shots, thanks to the wide aperture. Just make sure that there is an appropriate distance between the object of your focus and the background. No fancy play of AI or advanced features in this one.

8. Explore the Pro Features

The pro mode or the manual mode of smartphones can produce great pictures if you know how to play around with the ISO, white balance, aperture, IRIS settings. Though the pro mode in the previous Samsung phones has been known to be quite good, the Galaxy S9/S9+ takes the cake, thanks to the variable aperture feature.

Auto Mode
Pro Mode
Similar to DSLRs, you can manually control how much light enters the sensor. This results in magnificent pictures, especially in low-light conditions.

All you have to do is slide the aperture to the right levels, tweak the other settings, hold the phone steady and click.

9. Track the Focus Automatically

The Tracking Auto Focus mode lets you focus and track any moving object which you selected on the preview screen. Especially useful for things in motions, such as an over-enthusiastic kid, birds or pets, this mode gives you a respite from blurred and unfocused images.


To enable it, go to Settings and toggle the Tracking AF switch to on. 

10. Take a Wide Selfie

With the Galaxy S9, you can safely ditch your selfie stick as this phone comes with a competent Wide Selfie mode. This mode is perfect for those times when you want to pack everyone in a single frame. 


The Wide Selfie mode lets you capture a whopping 120°photo. All you have to do is gather everyone and capture the first frame. Now, swivel your camera towards the left and then right and ‘Voila’! Say Hi to the panoramic selfie … oops, Wide Selfie!

What’s more, The Galaxy S9 also records a cool video clip at the same time.

11. Capture the Moments Before the Shot

Motion Photos is one of my favorite camera settings. This little setting records a tiny clip before a shot is actually captured, thus letting you see the moments before the shot is captured.


To enable it, navigate to the Settings page and toggle the switch to on. Motion photos are denoted by the Play Motion Photo icon on the bottom.


What’s more, you can even capture a shot from the saved pictures.

12. Make the Camera Interface Clutter-free

Samsung has beefed up the camera interface in the Galaxy S9/S9+. Instead of three screens, the different camera modes can be accessed merely by swiping left or right. If you find this experience a bit messed-up, you can remove some of the camera modes which you don’t use frequently.


To do this, head over to the Settings page and tap on Edit Camera mode. Once inside, uncheck the modes which you don’t want and hit save. That’s it, you’ll have a clean camera interface.

Alternatively, you can also add a few camera modes through this process.

13. Ask the Phone to Click

The Galaxy S9 and S9+ feature a number of voice commands. This mode is especially helpful if you’re a sucker for selfies. So in the rare moments when reaching for the shutter button can be difficult, all you have to do is utter one of the commands and the moment will be captured.


The phone supports commands as simple as ‘Cheese’, ‘Smile’, or ‘Capture’. To enable this mode, head over to settings and toggle the voice control switch to on.

Get the Most Out of Your Galaxy S9/S9+

With a slew of additional modes and settings such as filters, stickers or a floating shutter button, I bet the camera experience on your new Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ will be worthwhile. 

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